Independent News – April 2019

Life after work and how to plan for the retirement you deserve – just one of the topics in our latest magazine.

At the start of the new tax year 2019-20, we are pleased to share with you our April/May 2019 magazine.

Obviously, the topic dominating the news headlines is Brexit. Philip Hammond, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, delivered his Spring Statement 2019 to Parliament on 13 March with continuing uncertainty over Brexit firmly in the background. Mr Hammond devoted much of his speech to the possible effects that leaving the European Union could have on the UK’s finances. However, he also described the economy as remarkably robust and added that it has ‘defied expectations’ despite Brexit. We cover the salient points of his Spring Statement in the magazine.

As the headline says, we also take a look at life after work – and how retirement planning can help. Some people may believe that since they have reached their 60s and ‘retired’, the hard work is over. But there are probably another three or four decades ahead, so it’s not the time to be without expert professional financial advice. Our lead article looks at this in more detail.

We also look at the pension freedom changes of April 2015 and what they mean to you. They were pretty revolutionary in their impact and give investors a great deal more control over their pension savings. However, with so many options and permutations now available, it can often make sense to get financial advice on the best way forward for you.

The start of the new tax year this spring can also be a good time for a ‘spring cleaning’ of your finances. We provide some general tips on how to get your family finances in order.

With Easter approaching, we hope you can find time to reflect on financial matters and enjoy this issue of Independent News. Please feel free to download it.

For help or advice with any matters raised in the magazine, please contact Kellands Gloucester.

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