Independent News – Spring 2021

How to reduce your inheritance tax bill – and much more besides.

As we move out of winter and also tentatively out of lockdown, we are pleased to bring you our Spring 2021 magazine.

As we start a new tax year, we take a look at some of the financial planning matters that could be relevant to you and your family.

We begin by looking at how you can reduce your Inheritance Tax (IHT) bill. The IHT nil rate band was set at £325,000 in April 2009 and has not increased since. Indeed, due to the pandemic it has now been frozen at that level until 2026. The upshot is that IHT no longer affects just the seriously rich. We put forward 10 ways you can protect your estate for your loved ones.

The increased demand for responsible, sustainable and environmentally friendly investing through the pandemic shows that ethical investing is here to stay. But, while demand is growing among all age groups, genders and income bands, some savers and investors are missing their biggest opportunity for responsible investing, which is through their pension.

On the subject of pensions, we take a look at the vast range the pension options available to you since the advent of the ‘pension freedoms’ in 2015, and how you can best plan for your financial future. We also show how you can ensure your pension benefits are payable to a beneficiary on your death, and how they’ll receive them.

We also take a look at savvy Isa investors and remind you of the importance of making the most of your Isa tax allowance. As it’s time in the market that counts, why not start the financial year off by taking out a Stocks and Shares Isa?

There’s a whole host of other articles too, which we hope you find both interesting and useful. As always, we are here to help and provide advice on any financial matter, so please do keep in touch.

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