Independent News – Winter 2021

The pandemic gets investors thinking about retirement issues – plus much more besides

As the festive season approaches and we enter Plan B, we are pleased to bring you our Winter 2021 magazine.

In this issue, we take a look at a range of financial planning issues that could be relevant to you and your family.

Just as the government has resorted to Plan B to address the Omicron variant, many investors have had to consider a Plan B of their own, to address the financial issues raised for them by the ongoing pandemic.

Many have experienced market volatility, low interest rates, inflation plus furlough and job losses. Some, however, have enjoyed the off-setting benefits of the pandemic with enhanced savings and decreased living costs. In both cases, it has driven many of them to seek professional financial advice, particularly in their run up to retirement. So, on page 03, we ask ‘What do your retirement plans currently look like?’

For others, the question of early retirement, enforced or otherwise, has crossed their minds during the coronavirus crisis too. Whilst retiring early is a dream for some, for others it has been forced upon them by redundancy. In either case there are obviously financial consequences. On page 10, we take a look at how you can go about planning for early retirement.

In these unprecedented times, it’s also good to talk. Yet according to new research, millions of married couples have no idea about their spouse’s pensions and retirement plans. On page 08, we take a look at this issue and provide some pension tips for couples.

On top of the pandemic, another problem affecting investors this year is the return of inflation. On page 04, we consider five questions you should ask yourself before inflation takes off.

Finally, with the festive season approaching, on page 07 we ask whether you have thought about gifting your children or grandchildren something different this year? Giving them a good start in life by making investments into their future can make all the difference in today’s more complex world.

There’s a whole host of other articles too, which we hope you find both interesting and useful.

With the festive season approaching, we hope you can find time to reflect on financial matters and enjoy this issue of Independent News. Please feel free to download it.

As always, we are here to help and provide advice on any financial matter, so please do get in touch.

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